Dear Readers

Dear Readers
DEAR READERS: Will this slumbering blog ever awake? It's possible but I don't know when. In the meanwhile, sweet dreams!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mince Pies

Dear Diary,
there's a certain well-known shop featuring wonderful things
from all over the world
including, but not limited to, food items.
It's always a delight to browse the aisles,
and especially so at this time of year.
They are well stocked with delectable Christmas pastries of all kinds.

Isn't it sweet?

 So very miniature . . .

Nine to a box.

It barely lasted two days.

Consequently, I don't visit this particular shop very often!
But I know where to go when I want something really delicious
and different from the usual everyday supermarket fare.


  1. It won't be long before I am making ours!

  2. Those mince pies look delicious. You've inspired me to go to my local well known shop to buy some. Thank you for sharing. Pat

  3. Hello Sara. Pat and I have enjoyed a few year too, am now looking forward to the home made ones.

    Take care