Dear Readers

Dear Readers
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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Saint John of Kronstadt

The Lord is everything to me...

A little reminder I put on the bulletin board over my desk.
One small drop pulled from the vast ocean of wisdom
to be found in My Life in Christ,
extracts from the diary of Saint John of Kronstadt
(Russia 1829-1908) 

 It's the light blue book among those on my desk.
I bought it almost four years ago
and delve into it every now and then.
It's not the sort of book to be read straight through.
It requires a little taste here and there
and a bit of contemplation
about whatever nugget has spoken to one's heart.

Throwing a little art into the mix . . .
again, made with my favorite Waterlogue App.


  1. I've got a few books that I can only take a paragraph at a time. Sounds like a mind bender. :)

  2. He sounds like a man of deep faith. I really do like that art app of yours.

  3. Hi Sara, love how you post things and your art is wonderful