Dear Readers

Dear Readers
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Pink and Blue Skies

Dear Diary,
Finally, after FIVE months of complete laziness,
I have managed to get myself out the door in the mornings
for a walk around the neighborhood.

Here are a few photos of the pink and blue skies I saw this week.

But, my goodness, was I sore after the first day's exertions.
It seemed easier than I had expected to trudge up the hills around here,
but my old body complained heartily the following day.
So . . . I toned things down and am going every other day
and not pushing myself too hard.

Oh for the days of youth!
However, let us not moan and complain, Dear Diary!
No, instead, I will say how truly grateful I am
for mobility and general good health.
May it long continue, please God! 


  1. Yes, and amen. Thankful for mobility and happy that you are benefitting!

  2. Dear Sara, lovely that you are out and about once more, and sending such beautiful photos to view. The pink and blue skies area delight, thank you.

  3. Sara, What lovely sky photos from your morning walks. Such a sweet reward for getting all that exercise in. :)

    Wishing you a pleasant day whatever you're up to...

  4. Now I know! And I didn't know about the reading list on blogger...