Dear Readers

Dear Readers
DEAR READERS: Will this slumbering blog ever awake? It's possible but I don't know when. In the meanwhile, sweet dreams!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Reading Fiction

I just finished this and its sequel, 
The Marriage of Katherine Wentworth
by D.E. Stevenson.  
Both were a delightful read, and I wish there were more,
because I've grown very fond of the characters
and really would love to know
how the rest of their story turns out.

I'm thankful the public library 
still has old copies available for borrowing,
which is how I obtained these two.

Next up:
Amberwell, and Summerhills
Another D. E. Stevenson series,
this time about the Ayrton family.


  1. I enjoy authors who introduce us to characters we enjoy. Hope your week is Merry and bright!

  2. Everyone seems to be reading so many lovely books at the moment. I need to look up some new titles at the library.